2016 @ Dacia-România Palace




Dada central exposition


AICC [Bucharest, Ro]

Alert Studio [Bucharest, Ro]

Anca Poterașu Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

Annart Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

Argo Art [Bucharest, Ro]

Argo, by Andreea Buga [Bucureşti, Ro]

Artfooly [Bucharest, Ro]

Artmemento Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

Art Yourself Gallery  Bucharest, Ro]

Artmark [Bucharest, Ro]

ArtSociety [Bucharest, Ro]

Atelier Corneliu Baba [Bucharest, Ro]


Balamuc [Timișoara, Ro]

Borderline Art Space [Iași, Ro]


Calpe Gallery [Timișoara, Ro]

Casa Artelor [Bucharest, Ro]

Codrin’s Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

Colony Art [Bucharest, Ro]

CityGallery [Botoşani, Ro]


Dependent de Artă [Bucureşti, Ro]


Elevator, Emerging [Bucharest, Ro]

European Art Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]


Five Plus Art Gallery [Vienna, At]

Focus Art [Cluj, Ro]


Galeria 9 [Cluj, Ro]

Galeria Ilea [Cluj, Ro]

Galeria Lina [Bistrița, Ro]

Galeria Posibilă [Bucharest, Ro]

Galeria Simeza [Bucharest, Ro]

Galeriile Carol [Bucharest, Ro]

Galateca [Bucharest, Ro]

Galerie Atelier Jutka [Bedburg, De]

Galerie Joana Dürig [Schwanden, Ch]

Go Contemporary [Bucharest, Ro]


Iacob Foundation [Bucharest, Ro]


Jecza Gallery [Timișoara, Ro]


Kunst Art [Bochum, De]


L’Art Industriel Gallery [Udine, It]

Löwendal Foundation [Bucharest, Ro]

Laborna Contemporary Art Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

Lavacow [Bucharest, Ro / Amsterdam, Nl]


Marie Nouvelle Design [Bucureşti, Ro]

Mobius Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]


Nostru Group [Sibiu, Ro]


Pàl Art Gallery [Miercurea Ciuc, Ro]

Pilat Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

Pontica Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]


Rosca’s Gallery [Craiova, Ro]


Société Suisse des Beaux-Arts (SSBA-GE) [Genève, Ch]


The Art of Living Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

The Space [Bucharest, Ro]


Yu-Rom Artis [Bucharest, Ro]


Zorzini Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]


“No, Dada did not spring full-grown from a Zurich literary salon but grew out of an already extremely vibrant artistic tradition in Eastern Europe – particularly Romania – that was transposed to Switzerland when a group of Romanian Modernists settled in Zurich. Bucharest and other cities in Romania had been the scene of Dada-like poetry, prose, and spectacle in the years before World War I; one of the leading lights was Tristan Tzara, who began his career in Avant-Garde literature at fifteen when he cofounded the magazine Simbolul in the extremely vibrant city of Bucharest together with, among others, Marcel Janco and the poet Ion Vinea. Tzara – who himself coined the term “Dada,” inspired by an obscure connection of his birthday to an Orthodox saint – was at the Cabaret Voltaire that night, along with his fellow Romanians Marcel, Jules, and Georges Janco and Arthur Segal.” Tom Sandqvist


Art Safari team is honored to announce that Art Safari Bucharest 2016 – third edition, May 5-15, 2016 – main exhibition, dedicated to the Dada movement Centenary, is curated by Mrs. Raya Zommer-Tal, Director and Chief Curator of Janco-Dada Museum in Ein Hod (Israel), international expert on Dada Movement and Marcel Janco.

Raya Zommer-Tal (b. Haifa, 1958), director and chief curator of the Janco-Dada Museum in Ein Hod, Israel since 1988, curated more than 100 exhibitions. Her research and extensive publications focus on contemporary art, the Dada movement and Marcel Janco. She participated in international conferences in Israel and abroad, where she gave talks on her research. In addition and among others, she has been Art advisor to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the Israel Electricity Corporation Ltd, guest curator in various exhibition spaces, member of professional committees of the Museum Council, the Association of Museums in Israel, and the Haifa Culture Fund and the committee of “Amanu La’am”, etc. Graduate of the Faculties of Art and Studies of the Land of Israel, Haifa University, she received her Certificate in Museology from Tel Aviv University in 1985, and continued in programs of graduate studies in the departments of Art and at the Haifa University. Ms. Zommer-Tal was assistant director at the Hecht Museum, Haifa University from 1984 to her nomination at Janco-Dada.

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Alert Studio [Bucharest, Ro]
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Anca Poteraşu Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]
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Art Yourself Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]
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Balamuc [Timişoara, Ro]
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Calpe Gallery [Timişoara, Ro]
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The Space [Bucharest, Ro]
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